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Update: Origins of Life: Experiment #1.4 (Vienna)

June 9, 2011

                Observations: pH and color change While the early atmosphere simulated by Miller and Urey consisted of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and heated de-ionized water, subjected to electric sparks, Origins of Life: Experiment #1.4 now also integrates currently existing gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide to drive […]


May 20, 2011

      Origins of Life: Experiment #1.4 synth-ethic presents art work related to Synthetic Biology: While artists increasingly use biotechnologies in order to manipulate living systems, the new field of Synthetic Biology aims at applying engineering principles to biology, so to not only modify but to build up “life” from scratch. In the exhibition […]

Origins of Life: Experiment 1.2

January 20, 2011

Science and art intersect in a new MSU Museum exhibit, where glass tubing, gas bottles, bubbling liquids and zapping electricity form a working science experiment and a work of art. “The ‘Origins of Life’ is a multimedia work of art — and a time machine,” observes MSU Museum Director Gary Morgan. “The viewer is challenged […]

Origins of Life: Experiment #1 (Opening July 30th)

July 30, 2010

Opening at Gallery 114, Kresge Art Center Origin of Life: Experiment #1 is an embodiment of liminal form and praxis. It is neither entirely art nor entirely science but a combination free from disciplinarity. The point in placing the re-creation of Miller’s experiment as an art installation is to engage the public in the ongoing […]