Origins of Life: Experiment 1.2

Science and art intersect in a new MSU Museum exhibit, where glass tubing, gas bottles, bubbling liquids and zapping electricity form a working science experiment and a work of art.

“The ‘Origins of Life’ is a multimedia work of art — and a time machine,” observes MSU Museum Director Gary Morgan. “The viewer is challenged by this type of installation – Is it art? Is it science? Well, it can be enjoyed as both, and in stimulating that conversation, the work stimulates thought about both human creativity and the scientific subject matter of the artwork.

“Museums are primarily places to excite minds, and exhibits like Origins of Life do precisely that,” Morgan adds.

Origins of Life Experiment #1” was lead by the team: Adam Brown, Department of Art, Maxine Davis, Lyman Briggs College; and Robert Root-Bernstein, Department of Physiology.