[ir]reverent: Miracles on Demand

An installation that examines the impact of invisible microbial agents on the course of human history and beliefs.[…]


ReBioGeneSys – Origins of Life

ReBioGeneSys – Origins of Life is a hybrid installation that combines sculpture, chemistry, alchemy and conservation to autonomously create extreme minimal ecosystems capable of autopoetic evolution.[…]

gold production

The Great Work of the Metal Lover

The Great Work of the Metal Lover is an artwork that sits at the intersection of art, science and neo-alchemy, re-examining the problem of transmutation through the use of modern microbiological practice and thus solving the ancient riddle. […]


Bion 2006

“Bion” is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between humans and artificial life. “Bion” makes reference to an individual element of primordial biological energy identified as orgone by the scientist Wilhelm Reich.[…]

origins first signs

Origins of Life: Experiment #1.x (2010)

The Origins of Life series is a working performative installation and re-enactment of the famous experiments carried out by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey at the University of Chicago in the 1950′s. […]

biolume header


The Biolume installation will be governed by evolutionary methods and principles to evolve behaviors to better interact socially with humans. The installation will therefore act as a “laboratory” to explore applied evolution as it relates to human interaction. […]


Orgone: Mechanical Tension (2002)

Orgone: Mechanical Tension is a multifaceted project that includes performances, HD video, sculptural objects and photographs. This body of work explores Wilhelm Reich’s theories of the existence and function of orgone energy (the quintessential elixir and life-force energy discovered by psychoanalyst and scientist Wilhelm Reich) and the ancient myth of Isis and Osiris. […]